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Turnkey File Server same home directory for extplorer and local file system?

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I'm probably missing something simple but I've tried from every angle I can think of.

I created a new local/samba user via shellinabox and set it's home to /home/smcandrew

That works great and I can access the share via smb from Windows.  I then log into extplorer and create the same user and point it's home directory to /home/smcandrew.  Seems to work until I then log into extplorer with the new users credentials and am unable to create or upload new files or folders.  Like there's a permissions problem but I can't figure out where.  Same username and password on the local account and extplorer.

Any ideas?

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This post seems to answer my question:


Putting it here in the event someone finds my post while searching on the same issue.

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