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I'm surprised I wasn't able to find any discussion about this.  Maybe my searching skills are soft at the moment. 

Is there any easy way to combine the appliances together?  The real benefit of turnkey appliances is the out of the box configuration is already done.  But since I'm running a home server on old hardware, I'd like to use it for multiple purposes without needing to go through hours of configuratino to get all the pieces I want.

I have gone down the route of a full ubuntu server install and then piece-meal installs of the different servers I want.  I find this route interesting as I like learning the details, but often times it actually hinders me from getting my real goal accomplished.

This is just an off the cuff idea, but is there any turnkey base install that provides a menu of all the pieces you want?  This would be very much like the ubuntu server install, but when you select the different appliances, it would use the default configuration that makes turnkey so valuable.

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The hard part is that there are nearly endless possibilities for combinations between integrations and a lot of potential for the bad kind of combinations that make stuff break.

For this reason we don't think the way forward is multi-application appliances but rather meta appliances with virtualization platforms such as OpenVZ that are setup to make it really really easy to install any appliance you want on the machine and run them all in parallel efficiently.

We've been thinking about this for a while now:

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