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I just started using the mysql vmware package, and i noticed that the changes/commands i make in webmin are not taking effect. First i wanted to set up firewall, and after i finished with my rules, apply, but it didnt work. iptables -L showed nothing. Guess i need to enable at boot, but when i wanted to restart, again nothing happened. 

Any idea?



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I don't use VMware anymore and have only used the v11.x ISOs so I'm not really sure what's going on for you. I can say though that v11.1 was released a while ago and considering the number of downloads and the fact that you're the first to complain about this I'd guess there is something wrong with your setup (rather than the images themselves - although perhaps I'm wrong).

My first thought is a corrupted download, but perhaps it's something else.

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Thank you for the comment! I've downloaded the ISO and it is working fine now :)

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