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Just a quick question, is there a possibility to launch a previous version of Moodle (1.99) through the Turnkey Hub or you only support the latest versions.



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Although it is v1.8.2 (not v1.9.x). Hope that's of some use to you? When you go to launch your server through the hub, look for the "Legacy Ubuntu 8.04 images" link in the top right corner.

FWIW IIRC the TKL devs initially released a beta v11.x version that incorporated v1.9.x (rather than 2.x - using the package from the Ubuntu 10.04 repos) but there were some issues with it so the devs decided to run with the upstream v2.x tarball.

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Is there a way I can find a legacy version of moodle for 1.9?


I am having a heck of a time finding it.  Please advise.

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So if you need Moodle v1.9.x then you'll need to build your own... FWIW Moodle itself is still available here, but you'll need to install it yourself...


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We downloaded and installed the Moodle Appliance 2.0 (latest one listed on your site)

 Is there a way upgrade to 2.1 or 2.2? There are several issues with Quiz module in 2.0 that were fixed in 2.1/2.2 and some other buggy fixes.

We looked on Moodle.org, however, the install we downloaded from you doesn't have the same structure. 


April Edmonds

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I haven't tried but I wouldn't imagine it'd be too hard. AFAIK the TKL Moodle appliance has the upstream tarball installed to /var/www Assuming that the config file is essentially the same I suspect that it'd be a simple case of replacing the contents of the install dir with the newer version (I'd just rename the folder, recreate it and untar there) then overwrite the conf file (or manually copy the relevant info such as MySQL password, etc).

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I'll pass this along to my Linux admin. maybe they will understand what this means. 

Will there be any updates to the MoodleVM or the ISO in the near future? Moodle 2.3 is about to be released.


Thanks. April

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If there is anything that requires further explanation or more detail, feel free to ask!

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Pretty much greek to our system admin. I think part of the issue we are having is that the Turnkey structure is different than what is listed on Moodle.org. Doing updates is not apples to apples.  We are slowly piece mealing the system together. Thanks. ~a

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And it seems to me that they are using suggested absolute paths and then relative paths. So all you should need to do is find the absolute path that TKL uses (I'd suggest that it is probably /var/www/moodle) and then the relative paths should all work. If you are having specific problems please detail them and I will try to help.

The other option if your sys admin is not very familiar with Linux would probably be to do a clean install to the LAMP appliance.

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Hi , 

I can only imagine how much you have on your plate now, since I see you support every PHP app ever made :D Not sure how i haven't heard about this project of yours before. GREAT JOB. You've reduced out deployment time significantly . 

Anyway , any chance that you can push for the latest Moodle release soon, since there is a major version upgrade (v3.0.1 is out). I don't recall anymore details , but I had problems upgrading your 2.9 VM to moodle 3.0. I was not so smooth, so it would be great to have latest release out of the box. 


Thank you a lot from the academic community . 



Dušan Vučković mag.sci.EE, MCP| Faculty of Electronic Engineering  |Head of IT  btn_in_20x15

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We are currently working on v14.1 so it is a possibility. I have added it as a feature request on our issue tracker but no proimises. Historically we have only done version updates on major releases (v13.0; v14.0; etc) but starting v14.1 we are aiming to update all upstream software at least once every six months; possibly more often for our more popular appliances.
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Thank you for your continuous effort. 



Dušan Vučković mag.sci.EE, MCP| Faculty of Electronic Engineering  |Head of IT  btn_in_20x15

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