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<<I figured this out finally.  The prompt was MediaWiki login which made me think it wanted me to login to MediaWiki.  No!  This was the normal Linux prompt and as soon as I realized that the login id I wanted to use was "root" I got past this and am now moving on.>>

I am trying to bring up a VMWare machine running MediaWiki on my MacBook Pro.  I have gotten so far that I can open the MediaWiki home page from a browser. However the VMWare interface is stuck on a login to MediaWiki and I cannot figure out how to login or to get out of the login to the Linux command line.

I can login via the web interface to "admin" and was able to change the password and set up another user account. But neither of those work for this startup MediaWiki login on the Linux interface on VMWare.

I need to be able to do command line Linux.


If I ever get over this first problem then I will need to know what is the admin default password for the Linux OS?  I assume an admin account is automatically setup with some default password.

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Assuming you are using the current appliance (v11.2) you should have set passwords on first boot. So if you want commandline then you need to login as the 'root' user with the password you entered on first boot. You can also use SSH (from a local Linux commandline or an SSH client in Win - I think you can also use a local Mac commandline but not to sure about that - no experience with Mac). You can also use the WebShell (via your web browser) or config can also be done via Webmin (Admin WebUI).

If for some reason you didn't get the chance to set passwords on first boot then something is wrong. Either your download is corrupted (which would seem odd that that is the only problem - although perhaps possible) or there is a TKL bug. I'd try reimporting it into VM. Failing that, perhaps download again (current is v11.2) or perhaps try the older v11.1 (the main difference is it includes some updates, but these can be done manually easily enough). If you are still having problems you could just install from ISO instead. It takes a little longer but should all work fine.

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Thanks for the reply.  I finally figured out that the “MediaWiki login” was actually a Linux login prompt and not a MediaWiki one.  Changed from trying “admin" to “root" and it worked fine.

I did get the initial prompts and did supply passwords at startup.

What URL do I use to get a web interface to the Linux server?

Yes, I had downloaded v11.2.



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But OTTOMH Webshell is port 12320 and Webmin is port 12321 (https only) eg Webmin will be (if your appliance IP is - adjust acordingly). Use the root account to log in to both.

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