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Do you know if LAMP Stack appliance, based on Ubuntu 8, can be deployed on ESX5 server?

Is the latest TurnKey LAMP Server compatible with ESX5?



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The latest LAMP server is based upon Ubuntu 10.04 and should work fine.

And, according to the vSphere support matrix, both Ubuntu version 8.04.x and 8.10 are also supported.

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But AFAIK Ubuntu8.04/TKLv2009.x should be fine.

Out of interest, is there any reason why you are considering using the older (Ubuntu 8.04) builds?

Is it because of issues/reports of issues with Ubuntu 10.04/TKLv11.x on ESX/ESXi 5 (when acceleration is enabled)?

If so there is a workaround which involves disabling acceleration on the guest and installing the newer (2.6.35 - Maverick backported) kernel that is available in the official Ubuntu updates repo. Details on how to do this can be found in this thread.

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