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Every time I try to Enable custom domain

and click the Amazon siugnup button it says: "You already have access to Amazon Route 53"

So my main dashboard still says 89% complete with the last step being:  Add a custom domain

Clicking it just loops me to "You already have access to Amazon Route 53"

I don't have any route 53 domains. This is the first I've even heard of the service.

How can I Enable custom domain so that I can transfer name servers over?


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You'll see a blue 'feedback' button on the left hand side. Click that and enter a breif description of your issues and/or a link to this thread. Hopefully they will be able to see what is going on and how it can be resolved. I could only guess...

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As @jeremy suggested, please send feedback via the Hub. The feedback will include your Hub account details which will help us look into your issue.

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Thanks. I was reading I can simply use elastic IP.

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