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Hey all.  Just downloaded and installed OTRS as a virtual appliance (vCenter/ESXi 4).  So far, so good.  I like the fact that it's Ubuntu recent.  I just wish there was more documentation as to what needs to be done to get OTRS (Request Tracker) up and running.  Running an nmap on localhost shows 22 is the only open port which would explain why webmin isn't answering to queries from port 10000.  Does anyone have a HOWTO specifically relevant to this virtual appliance they could share?


Thanks ahead of time - Loadedmind

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Did you mean OTRS?

The TKL OTRS appliance? If so then it should also be listening on 80 (http), 443 (https), 12320 (WebShell aka SiaB), 12321 (Webmin) and possiblly 12322 as well (MySQLAdmin - assuming it's backed by a MySQL DB backend). By default the firewall (IPtables) should be disabled so that shouldn't be causing any issues...

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Yes, I typo'ed that.  Sorry

Yes, I typo'ed that.  Sorry about that.  After the ISO has installed, is there a step-by-step guide that shows what needs to happen before the OTRS works?  I didn't see httpd in /etc/init.d/ directory.  I launched webmin and it doesn't appear as though it opened a network port.  Ping works outbound, but not sure what I might be missing.

"Not all who wander are lost" -- J.R. Tolkien

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So, no documentation exists

So, no documentation exists anywhere?  Strange.

"Not all who wander are lost" -- J.R. Tolkien

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Not familiar with that appliance

But it should pretty much work out of the box. Any config that is required for the software to fully function should be pretty much obvious and/or consistent with whatever the software provider requires.

When you boot and load the appliance IP in web browser (from a network connected other PC), you should either get a TKL 'landing page' or the software itself (should be available via both http and https). Webmin (port 12321), Webshell (12320) and phpMyAdmin (12322 - where relevant, ie MySQL backend) should all be running and ready to use via their relevant ports (https only)

If that is not what you are expeciencing then something is wrong. Either networking problems or install media corruption would be my best guesses.

PS Did you run through the firstboot stuff from the local console on firstboot? Ie setting up passwords etc.

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"But it should pretty much

"But it should pretty much work out of the box"

I figured the same and thought perhaps the appliance wasn't configured as such.  I've used CactiEZ and a few other appliances and they all seemed to work out of the box with a few minor exceptions.  I'll try re-downloading and re-installing, but yes, I did go through all of the password change prompts and everything seemed to follow the initial install expectations.

I'll report back after I've done the last part if you wish.  Thanks for your replies.

"Not all who wander are lost" -- J.R. Tolkien

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No worries.

There is a post somewhere in the docs about checking image integrity but it's most suitable in Linux OS IIRC. I think if you go to the TKL sourceforge (the official one, not the community one) you'll find all the images and I'm pretty sure SF provide MD5 hashes (which are probably more conveinient if you are running Win).

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