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Redmine Gantt Chart Sorting

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I believe I came across a bug in my Redmine instance. When I create issues->features and view the gantt chart, it does not always sort the parent/child relationship correctly. It displayes child features uner the wrong parent. However, I am sure that I entered in the data correctly for the given issue because when I do into the details of a particular issue, all of the listed "sub tasks" are correct. I have verified this in multiple browswers and multiple computers.

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Thanks for posting

I'm not using Redmine but it sounds like you are pretty sure that it's a bug, so feel free to lodge it on the TKL bugtracker. Considering it is probably an upstream (ie Redmine itself) bug, and that TKL v12.x release is on the horizon it probably won't get fixed for this release, but it's still good to know about. Hopefully it is fixed upstream in newer versions of Redmine and I anticipate the v12.x release will include a newer version of Redmine so fingers crossed it will be resolved soon.

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Thanks for your comment.  I

Thanks for your comment.  I will log the "bug" in TKL bug tracker" 

I find it hard to believe that this "bug" is just being identified now. It is a very basic feature and for sure would have been exposed to anyone using the gantt chart for tracking issues. I dont think it is right that Turnkey and Redmine are not providing any resolution for this. Like I said, this is very basic...and has a huge impact on the ability to use a core feature of the product.

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Possibly fixed upstream like I said

Assuming that it is a Redmine bug (not specific to TKL) then there is a good chance it has already been fixed in more recent versions (a quick google seems to suggest that it is an upstream bug, but I can't be sure as I didn't spend a lot of time reading). Also I notice that there is a "better Gantt chart plugin" for Redmine, but I'm not sure how (or even if) that is relevant (just found it when googling and thought it may be of interest).

I'd try updating your Redmine instance and then check if the bug still exists. There is a thread here that discusses upgrade and even has a patch. I would be careful that you have all your data backed up first though (and test your backup - don't just assume that it works as it should). Another thought, is just create a new Redmine VM and do a quick test to confirm the problem, then upgrade Redmine (perhaps with the patch above?) and test again. If it is no longer a problem then either upgrade your existing system, or migrate your data to a new instance.

And worst case scenario, as Redmine (and TKL itself) is open source, you are always free to fix bugs yourself if you wish (or pay someone else to do it if you don't have the time and/or skills).

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