I've installed Oracle VM VirtualBox as well as the WordPress appliance but need instructions on where to take it from here. I'm sure there's got to be documentation somewhere, but I can't find it:

  1. How do I complete my WordPress setup? I'm trying to copy an existing site into VirtualBox, as a place to do development. 
  2. How do I access phpMyAdmin?
  3. Once installation is completed, how do I browse to the WordPress site?

Thanks for any help.

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Is your TKL WP appliance running? If so then in the VBox TKL appliance window you should see the confconsole (text on blue background) which will tell you the IP of your appliance and the different ways to access it. Using the web browser on your host system you should be able to access your WP appliance via that IP. As for phpMyAdmin it will again be via your host browser in the form of https://<appliance-IP>:12322 eg if the IP is then you would use

If you are having problems connecting, double check that networking is set to 'Bridged' (host only should work too, but as the name implies, only from the host system).

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jeremy thanks for your sugession

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