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Yeasterday I installed  Turnkey Redmine Appliance on Virtual Machine (using LiveCD image) I found out that redmine version is 1.0.5.stable.

I would preffer using latest version (1.3.2). Is there any easy update process?

I'm thinking about using Bitnami stack (with has current Redmine version), but I don't like ther binnary installer.

Anather option is installing evrything from scretch.


But I would relly like to stick with turnkey. So if update to 1.3.2 wans't much harder (i.e. due to compatibility/packages version issues) than installing from scretch I would chosse this methode.

best regards,

Maciej Sawicki

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Here. TKLPatch info can be found here. Post if your not sure and I'll try to help you out.

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thanks a lot for answer and your awsome  TKLPatch. I had some problems (missing tmail, rfpdf/template_handler/compile_support ) but answers on your blog helped.



Maciej Sawicki

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