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Hi All,

is there a way to enable webdav via webmin? I found an option to activate the modules but none

to configure the virtual hosts.

Or can you tell me what apache config file to edit to enable it for a specific host.

Thanks for you help.

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But seeing as TKL v11.x is Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid under the hood then any instructions you find for that should directly relate to TKL. Sorry I can't help you any more than that...

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Hi Jeremy,

thanks a lot, following your hint I managed get it working with this very nice tutorial.


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And thanks for posting back with the link to the tutorial that worked!

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And since TKL is now Debian based here is an updated link to a working config.

*Tested on Debian 7.4.0


[ ]

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Thanks for posting a new tute! :)

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Be sure to activate the modules: (simply hit that into the shell)

a2enmod dav_fs

a2enmod dav

and add somthing like that to you virtual host config:


       Alias /webdav /anywhere

       <Location /webdav>
         DAV On
         Options None
         AuthType Basic
         AuthName webdav
         AuthUserFile /topasswd/passwdadmin.dav

         <LimitExcept GET OPTIONS>
         Require valid-user


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Thanks for posting back, that's awesome!

Update: I decided to add this to the docs because I thought it is a very useful thing. I tweaked your example a little and added some extra detail. Please feel free to tweak it further if you think I got it wrong (the docs are a wiki so all logged in users can edit). Also I still need to double check it by testing it out to confirms that it works as it should.

If anyone has a chance and can double check, that'd be great! :)

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Yours is of course even nicer and it is the full story with permissions and password creation!
I tested it in one machine, when I use it again I will post it here!


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