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Amazon ECS image "First Boot" is not possible (it's been booted)--how do I get passwords?

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I am pulling my hair out!  Please before I jump....

From Amazon EC2 I started the appliance/image of: 


The issue is there is no "first boot" access.  The image from the library had already been booted.  I have tried everything with regards to passwords for PHPMyAdmin, MYSQL and most importantly vTiger.  I could change the Linux  root password but that was it (using Amazon Key Pair) to login.  I was hoping they (image creator) would have set admin/admin or admin/password etc since with EC2 you can't "boot" off a install disk--there is no console for this.

How can I recover/find the application passwords that were set during first boot and the "inihooks" process?  




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This is whats needed I think

I believe that after first boot you need to run "turnkey-init"  , to allow you to enter the usernames and passwords that are required .

Take a look here: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/ec2

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Thanks... and wow, pretty impressive!!!


That worked... I had to dig to find the root in the log, then ran the init scripts.  I am NOT an Linux admin by any means but I got the job done.

GREAT project by the way.  I am always willing to support your kind of efforts.  Do you guys do Linux consulting support on the side for your instances at Turnkey...

Please advise.



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Or launch via the Hub

IMO the Hub is your best option. Then you can preseed passwords via the WebUI when you launch the server.

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