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I have the drop in PDC working using VirtualBox.  Everything seems to work fine. I can log in to the PDC from Windows 7 and it maps the home directory for me.

I want to share the home directory from the Host (Mac 10.7.4) for each user.  This way the user can be on the PDC from Windows or on the Mac and have access to all their files.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

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But I'm not sure. I have heard of problems sharing non-local filesystems (eg VBox 'shared folders') via Samba so YMMV. IIRC there was a thread on here somewhere about sharing host filesystem across the network with TKL fileserver appliance (via VBox). I think it was a Win host, but may contain some relevant info. There is definately info here about install VBox guest tools (which you may or may not need - depending on how you skin this cat).

As this is a general Mac/Linux issue (rather than a specific TKL issue) you should be able to find info via Google. Just remember when it gets down to specifics that TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04

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This is the theory of using VBox shares - here

Here are a few other links turned up by google: here & here. Sure there's plenty of other options...

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See my post below.

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Ok, I pulled my finger out and searched the forums and I have found the thread that I knew was buried here...

I have copied (what I believe) to be the core info for installing VBox Guest Addons onto TKL appliances into a new page in the docs. I'd really appreciate it if you could follow that and confirm that it works (I don't have VBox installed anywhere handy at the mo).

You still won't be able share your shared folders yet, you'll need to sort out users. Have a look at this thread. Be great if you could also post back here with any issues you have (if any) and I may even add that bit to the docs too.

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