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I'm being charge twice by AWS (Amazon Web Services) for monthly bill. According to Amazon said:

- USD 6.85 for AWS usage

- USD 6.46 for TurnKey Linux on EC2 - S3-backed (Hobby Plan) **

** Charges for any third party applications ran on the AWS platform are billed through Amazon Payments


So why your site claim that the Hobby Plan is FREE ($0/month) as the payment to Amazon has already contributed 15% to you?

Kindly advise.

Thank you.

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There is no monthly charge for the Hobby plan (S3 backed)

But you still need to pay for your usage! There is a 15% TKL premium on all AWS charges (ie AWS charges + 15% of AWS charges) instead of a flat monthly fee. IMO the Hub blurb is pretty clear on that...

I'm not 100% sure why you have 2 separate amounts though. Do you have other (non-TKL) services that you have used? That's the only thing that I can think of...

Perhaps you could try contacting AWS support and/or contact the TKL devs via the Hub feedback link (blue tab on the LHS when you're logged into the Hub).

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Thanks for reply. Yes we know

Thanks for reply. Yes we know the AWS charges (ie AWS charges + 15%) but didn't realized other charges, as per my case.

We did contact Amazon before we post this. They asked us to check with you...

Attached herewith the snapshot for your reference:


Check from: Account Activity



Check from: http://www.amazon.com/dp-applications


Thank you.

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It looks to me like you have a (non TKL) micro instance

It looks pretty clear to me that you have a (non-TKL) micro instance running (as well as your TKL appliance).

The $6.46 is for a TKL small instance & the $6.84 is for some other Linux Micro instance.

AFAIK if you are on the Hobby plan, then you can only run Small or Medium instances.

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So weird... Actually I don't

So weird...

Actually I don't know how to use Amazon service without TKL, so it is impossible for me to use/deploy on micro instance myself.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, will observe it again in next month before cancel the service.

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Perhaps try logging in to the AWS console directly

I don't know anything about it (because I've never used it) but apparently there is an AWS console/control panel WebUI. Perhaps if you have a peek in there it may explain what is happening...

Doing a quick calculation of the hours the micro instance has been running, that's about 2 weeks... Ring any bells? If you definately only have a Small instance through a TKL Hobby plan, I'd definately be quizzing AWS out about it, because it clearly looks to me like there are 2 instances running - A Small TKL server and a Micro Non-TKL Linux one...

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Yes, I'm running micro

Yes, I'm running micro instance with TKL now since I successful involved 2 friends. Before that, I did use small instance to run test on Tomcat Appliance, but deleted it later.

So 2 different instances billed separately (and needed to check in different pages) make me confused @.@

Anyway, I will wait for next month bill.

Thank you.

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Ah ok

I see, that's where the confusion came in then. It is strange (dumb even IMO) that they're not just displayed on the same page, in the same way...

So should be around $12/mth (+/-) for your micro instance. 

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Appreciate for your pointing

Appreciate for your pointing out.

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cost of running ZIMBRA ...

I find the pricing on amazon very confusing. I'd like to know how much running Zimbra might cost, if i have 2-5 GB of mail and also want it backed-up.

I would really be the only users. Would i be charged all the time for processing time, or only when i access emails via IMAP and when emails are received?



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I have the same problem and don't understand it?

Hi, I get one bill from Amazon with ~$46 for an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud on the 3rd every month.  AND a bill for Turnkey Linux On EC2 - sold by Turnkey Linux ~$30 on the 6th every month.

On the front page of TurnKey Linux I assumed I would only pay to Amazon and you got a cut out of it. It seems I get charged $30 for the Turnkey stuff as well.

I do not run anything but Turnkey Linux appliances on Amazon... (well, just their $1 DNS service).

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