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Just checked and I'm getting a Django error msg

So my guess is something is not quite right with your config.

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What error are you getting?

I just read your response more closely, what error do you get? All I get is the site isn't available and it works fine if I hit the IP.

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This is what i get


Page not found (404)

Request Method: Request URL:

Using the URLconf defined in urls, Django tried these URL patterns, in this order:

  1. ^AO/
  2. ^admin/
  3. ^accounts/login/$
  4. ^logout/$
  5. ^logout_page/$

The current URL, , didn't match any of these.

You're seeing this error because you have DEBUG = True in your Django settings file. Change that to False, and Django will display a standard 404 page.

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Thanks for all your help

BTW - I just read the blog post about you. Thanks for all the time you volunteer. I had always assumed you where part of TKL.

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No worries!


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missing django route

As Jeremy mentioned, the TKLAPP.com hostname is resolving correctly - so no problems there. What are you missing though is a route setting for the root of your django app in urls.py, for example:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^$', 'views.index', {"template": "index.html"}, name="index"),

Ofcourse you'll also need the corresponding view and template for the above example to work. The TurnKey Django appliance comes with an example app and related configuration - recommended if you're new to Django...

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Secure your site while in development mode

It's worth using the Turnkey Linux / Amazon firewall settings to secure your site while it's in development mode - it's very likely there are security holes so it's best if only your IP address can access the site.

TKL Hub has an easy way to set the firewall up, see http://www.showmyipaddress.eu/ to get your IP address - just protect port 80 for the IP addresses you use.

See https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/security/ and run through its recommendations, then you can open up the site.  One example is that the settings.DEBUG value in Django (which generates that debug page) should not be set to True except for people you trust, as it gives out a lot of info about your application.

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It used to work

Thanks for the replies! I'll look into the suggestions. But it's very stange that this just all of a sudden stopped working. It's been working fine for months and I haven't made any changes. 

Also, if this was a Django setting thing, wouldn't I be getting some error other than:




The site you are looking for is currently not available.

What is TKLAPP.com? it's a free dynamic DNS (DynDNS) service provided by the TurnKey Hub. It includes a simple to use web interface as well as a powerful API.

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I suggest that you clear your browser cache

As well as flushing your DNS cache (if using Windows). Sometimes too some ISP DNS servers have slow update rates (ie that don't update their DNS records regularly) and I have often had much better results using Google Public DNS (

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Clearing Cache Did The Trick

So here's what happened...


I restarted my server, which apparently invalidated my url (even though I do have a elastic IP). So then I tried to hit the site, got the error above, and the error got cached.


Thanks again for  the help!

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Hitting The IP Works

Also, if I hit the IP instead of the otalo.tklapp.com, the site comes up fine.

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