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I wanted to activate extendedstatus on my wordpress alliance so I can monitor what goes on with apache with a monitoring tool. After some reading I get on to trying to do this.

And looking for the right config files I see that there is a /etc/apache2/mods-available/status.conf and the status module is activated.

But it doesn't seem to work. I get a 404 when trying to acces /server-status om my site.

I should mention that I installed nginx as a reverse proxy because of the load on my VM although this shouldn't affect the apache logging and reporting


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mods-available means exactly that

That the mod is available, not that it is enabled...

If there is no symlink to it in mod-enabled then you'll need to enable it like this:

a2enmod status

Or something similar - If that doesn't work try a2enmod sta<Tab> (use <Tab> completeion to finsih it off for you, should work...

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Already active

This is what I get

root@xxx ~# a2enmod status

Module status already enabled
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Have you done the other reqd steps?

Like creating a virtual host (at /server-status)? Have a look here (TKL v12 includes Apache 2.x)

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Still doesn't work. Thats

Still doesn't work. Thats what I tried the first time.

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