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Let me first say that TKLBAM is a great tool and that I've tested backing up and moving around servers from different platforms and it worked perfectly. This post has to do with my desire to setup a TKL client workstation for my personal use (email, web, documents, etc..).

Using TKLBAM as a backup mechanism for my personal workstation would help take away my general concerns on losing personal files. In fact, it would also help take away my concerns of the difficulties of future hardware upgrades and possible virtualization of my workstation. As well, I'd much rather pay my backup fees to TKL/Amazon than to another backup provider, if just to help support the TKL community.

I've read a few posts about TKLBAM regarding file level backup and restore requests, similar to a drop-box or a google drive type of functionality. Here's one on restoring just a single directory from a TKLBAM backup. I understand that the core concept of TKLBAM is to be a system level restore mechanism, not a file level restore mechanism.

But, I'd like to just throw it out there again that it would be very COOL if it could restore at the folder/file level, from the HUB web interface perhaps?! ...I also realize that coming up with the request is the easy part.... :)

In the meantime, does anyone know if there is a way (or a CLI command) that would allow me to view or search my HUB backups to find specific files or folders that I would like to restore?



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But if I were in a situation where I needed just one file from a backup I would restore my backup to an AWS instance (the quickest way to restore by far) and then connect to the new instance with SFTP and get the file, then destroy the instance.

I know that it's not ideal and would take much more time that ideally it could (if the backups were browsable) but it would be the quickest and easiest way currently IMO.

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Thanks! That is a great idea. It is a few more steps than a direct web interface, but I don't really think that I'd need to go through the process unless there was a major problem that I was dealing with. At that point, I wouldn't be concerned about the extra steps.

The restore time and $'s for the AWS instance would be minimal and a portion would be going back into the TKL project, so I'd feel good about that. And the SFTP interface would give me all that I needed to select individual files and folders.

That will work for me... untill something further gets developed on TKLBAM?? :)


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I don't think it is anywhere near a release (so don't hold your breath) but there has long been discussion about broadening TKL into the desktop/workstation arena. Adrian and I spent some time on developing a prototype ages ago but it never got anywhere and was abandoned (and what we developed then is probably not relevant or usable anymore). I know that the devs were very keen on developing a desktop/workstation distro but I don't think it has got past a theoretical prototype stage.

Hopefully once the core devs have their open community build structure publicly available someone (maybe even you!?! :D) will resume work on it and release something! 

If you feel like documenting something somewhere (there is a highly underutilised dev wiki or even just in a forum thread) as you build your TKLBAM enabled workstation I think that'd be cool!

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