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I was wondering if there are plans to support MediaWiki 1.20.2? I wanted to confirm either way before I go down the route of manually updating. I've reviewed some previous posts and it sounds like once I upgraded manually, I'd need to manually apply all package updates as they are released, which for MediaWiki sounds a little more difficult.


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I can't speak for the devs, but I suspect that TKL v13.x (based on Debian Wheezy - Core RC available now for testing) MediaWiki appliance (which is probably still a while away from release) will include the Debian packaged MediaWiki (which looks like it will be v1.19.3). 

So unless there is some functionality that you are missing or some other compelling reason to upgrade (such as a bug) I wouldn't bother. Especially as it looks like once you head down that path you will need to maintain your MediaWiki installation yourself.

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