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I installed the TomatoCart appliance using VirtualBox (on Win7 64-bit). 

I was able to open the default store in both IE (10) and Chrome using either the static IP or the hostname after adding to Win7's \Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. And both browsers seem to display the demo store fine including animations.

When I try to access the admin page -- either via "IP-address/admin" or "domain.tld/admin" -- I am unable to login using IE 10. When I type in the admin username and password and click the Login button, the Username and Password text boxes are cleared and the Username text box gets focus. If I type in an invalid ID or password, a message box is displayed saying "Username and password do not match."

Chrome, on the other hand, accepted the login ID and password and then displayed Admin "desktop" controls briefly but the browser window goes black.

I posted to the Tomato Cart general support forum and someone posted a reply suggesting unchecking Chrome's System | Hardware acceleration Setting. Doing so did indeed resolve the issue.

Firefox seems to handle login and admin panel display without issues.

It is at least encouraging that there were 2 replies to my post in less than a 24-hour period.

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And I'm sure it will help someone! 

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This is the TurnKey Linux forums. I doubt you will find any help with upstream TomatoCart that you manually installed on OpenSUSE here.

TurnKey Linux is a Debian based software appliance library that includes a pre-installed TomatoCart appliance.

Feel free to try our pre-built appliance and see if that suit your purpose. If not then I suggest that you either post on the TomatoCart forums, and/or seek help from OpenSUSE support.

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Do you mean you did a "1-click install" of TurnKey Linux TomatoCart on Amazon Marketplace?

If so did you complete the initialisation steps where you set (i.e. type in) your user password etc?

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