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Folks, I've searched the TurnKey Linux site, looked at the doco, looked at the forums and generally Googled -- can't find an answer. I want to delete my TurnKey Linux account. How do I do that?

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Thanks for the info folks.

In case anyone's wondering, you have to go into your AWS account and cancel the "application" -- in this case, for me, it was "TurnKey Backup and Migration" and "TurnKey Linux on EC2 - Pay-Per-Use Plan".

[Update 2019 - Note: The previous instructions here are outdated. Please do NOT cancel your AWS account until you have removed your AWS assets (e.g. servers and backups) from the Hub.

To cancel your Hub account completely, please browse to your Profile page, scroll right to the bottom, click the "Cancel your account" button and follow the prompts (cancelling your AWS account will be one of the last steps).

To cancel billing but keep your Hub account (i.e. use the free plan(s)) for your Hub account, please browse to the Hub's Plans and Billing page and downgrade both accounts to free. That process may require you to destroy assets not supported in the free plans such as unsupported servers (i.e. larger than micro) and/or backups (more than one backup session). ]

No doubt I am extremely stupid for not knowing that, but a FAQ entry on the TurnKey Linux site would be nice -- just a little explanation to help me along.

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And found it incredibly intuative. But maybe that's just me...? Also instructions have recently been posted in the (now quite lengthy) thread that appeared post the first AWS bill since the plans have changed. I'm not sure why neither the TKL site search nor Google found that detail...

For completeness I will include the instructions here (although it's obviously of no use to you - someone else may appreciate it if they are looking for the info):

  1. Log into your Hub account (there is a 'Turnkey Hub' link in the top right of every TKL page).
  2. Once logged in click 'EC2 Account' (in the middle, top right of page).
  3. Click 'Cancel' on the plan you wish to cancel.
  4. A pop-up appears explaining the steps with links to the relevant Amazon page(s).
  5. Follow the link to the AWS DevPay page (you'll need to log into your AWS account on the way).
  6. Click 'View/Cancel Application' and follow the steps.
  7. Done! :)

[Note: Out dated info, please see note in above post for updated info.]

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And you made it very easy to do.

Thanks for this post,


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I'm probably just being a wimp here, but does cancelling the turnkey hub destroy the server?

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I've never tried...

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Cancelling the TurnKey Hub completely requires destroying all Hub controlled AWS assets. That includes all servers and all backups.

The recommended way to completely cancel your Hub account, is to browse to the Hub's Account profile page, scroll right to the bottom and click the "Cancel your account" button. Then follow the prompts. It will note what additional steps are required, such as destroying servers and backups. And finally, the optional step of destroying your AWS account.

Alternatively, if you just wish to stop TurnKey billing, but continue using the Hub, then you can browse to the Plans and Billing page and downgrade either/both plans to "Free" (AWS usage fees may still apply). Locate the desired plan and click the relevant "Downgrade" button. Note that this too may require you to destroy AWS assets which are unsupported by the free plan(s). I.e. Servers larger than "Micro" and/or more than one backup session.

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I cancelled my AWS EC2 on the Amazon site (no problem).

Now I am trying to cancel my Turnkey account to prevent further charges.

It seems I ought to have done it in the other order.

How do I stop future Turnkey charges?

If it doesn't change everything, why waste your time doing the study?

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[Update 2019 - Please see note in above comment and/or the up to date post above.]

If so then you have cancelled everything TurnKey as well. TKL Hub (including servers and TKLBAM) leverages AWS DevPay so TKL can only charge you via AWS. If you no longer have an AWS account at all then there is no way to charge you (TKL don't have your credit card details - AWS does).

Just to make 100% sure though, I suggest that you try going to this page:
You will need to log into Amazon - if you can't (i.e. you no longer have an Amazon account at all) then you are totally all good. If you see any TurnKey Linux products listed on that page then click the "View/Cancel Application" link below the entry. On the page that opens, scroll to the bottom and click "Cancel the use of TurnKey <product name>" link. Then on the confirmation page that will open, click the "Cancel this Application" button. Done!

Out of interest, it'd be great to get some feedback on why you cancelled your TurnKey account. TKL are always interested to know what could have been done better (or more) to keep you as a customer!? Whether TKL didn't meet your expectations or didn't solve your problem, etc...

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Hey Guys,

I had stopped using Amazon servers with the custom images provided by TurnKey. It worked great, but the business just didn't need it anymore. However, we were still using Route 53 for DNS. My concern was that cancelling TurnKey would delete all of those DNS records. I even went so far as to export all DNS records one domain at a time using the "cli53" command. More info:


If circumstances change, happy to come back. Just don't need the services anymore. Glad all Route 53 services remained intact. Thanks TurnKey!

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