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I have add a CIFS mount in the Webmin module: Systems | Disk and Network Filesystem and ticked Save and mount at boot. I then checked the /etc/fstab file for the entry and its there, however the share is not mounting upon bootup as expected from the fstab entry, as far as I can see the other items in fstab load just fine at boot.

Here's what does work:

1) The share mounts if I select mount from the entry Systems | Disk and Network Filesystem through Webmin once the machien has started up fully

2) Once booted the share mounts by running: mount -a

So I'm pretty certain that the syntax in fstab is correct. Could it be that fstab is trying to mount the share before the network is ready on bootup? How can I reorder / pause the CIFS line of fstab? Should I put a

Here's the entry in fstab edited:

//serverIP/sharename    /mnt/mountpoint    cifs    workgroup=DOMAIN_NAME,password=PASSWORD,uid=0,gid=0,username=USERNAME    0    0

Any thoughts?

This is a Moodle appliance from Turnkey

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I recall reading about this being an issue. From my understanding it can happen if the networking is a little slow to kick in, so when fstab tries to mount the share it isn't available (because network is not yet up) so fstab gives up and moves on to other entries...

I vaguely recall reading a workaround somewhere but sorry can't give you any pointers. If you keep in mind that TKL v12.x is based on Debian perhaps you can find smoething via google?

OTTOMH you should be able to test that your fstab entry is valid by running

mount -a

And if that works then I strongly suspect that it's as I mentioned above... If it still doesn't work perhaps double check that the mount command above is correct (I think it is but didn't double check). If that's right then there may be something wrong with your fstab entry...?

PS if you do end up working this out, be great if you could post back as no doubt others may run into a similar issue. Thanks

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Thanks for posting. TKL is now based on Debian (as of v12.x - based on Debian Squeeze; current TKL is v13.0 based on Debian Wheezy) so your advice is spot on and totally relevant! :)

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