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I'm having trouble with the smtp server which is meant to be already set up and ready to go according to Turnkey documentation.

Getting error - missing 'From:' at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/ line 450.

Also, when I go to Twiki configure, my password is not working. Is it looking for the one generated on first starting the instance? If so, I have stopped and restarted instance in meantime, so I cannot retrieve it anymore. Do I need to FTP in to reset the password?



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Does the error you mention refer to your issue with sending email? Or is that another issue?

Yes the password should be the one you configure on first boot. You can reset the password from the commandline (using SSH) but only if the root password works. Otherwise probably best to just start again.

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Probably best to try to discover what is causing the issue in the first place as I have not had the same problem.

Are you using a non-US keyboard? That can commonly be the cause of issues such as this. Also if your password has special characters that may have been the issue? (I'm not sure about Twiki but some software has limitations on what characters are allowed - and the TKL password setting code may be incorrectly allowing you to set a non-valid password).

FWIW you should be able to rerun the TKL Twiki password/username setting scrpit like this:

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I just downloaded and installed the Twiki appliance and OOTB I could't reproduce this issue. I set a very simple password (6 chars; all lowercase) and it worked fine.

I then set a more complex password (9 chars, upper & lowercase, numbers) - using the Twiki admin area (after logging in) and that too worked fine...

But when I tried to reset the password (as I had posted above) I got the same "too many values to unpack" error as you guys... All of these failed with the same error:

  • 10 chars, upper & lowercase, numbers and special char ('!')
  • 9 chars, upper & lowercase and numbers
  • 8 chars, upper & lowercase
  • 6 chars, all lowercase
  • 4 chars, all lowercase

Not surprisingly it still allowed me to login with the most recent successful password that I had set...

My experience suggests that perhaps that it will accept a password initially if it is a very simple one, but once it errors, then it won't work again. Out of interest I just created a new server and used a more complex password initially (the same 10 char one from above with a '!' in it) and I could reproduce your issue.

Out of interest I just tried re-running the Twiki inithook (on this more recent broken instance) and it is now having a different error. It says "need more than 2 values to unpack"... more strangeness...

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See here.

Thanks everyone for your persistence and input.

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Sorry this has been such a pain and it's definitely a bug that needs fixing, but at least we have a workaround. Its a sub-optimal workaround, but I guess it's better than nothing...

Also not sure whether you saw, but I noted that when I first tested this I changed the password (for a more complex one) from within the Twiki Admin webUI and that seemed to work fine... So it seems that it's the initial password setting (with a complex password) that is the issue, not the complex password itself.

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Hi Jeremy:

Downloaded the version on Turnkey from Twiki and when type http://localhost/bin/configure.

Them write the password ...send :

CGI::param called in list context from package TWiki::Configure::UIs::PromptPASS line 50, this can lead to vulnerabilities. See the warning in "Fetching the value or values of a single named parameter" at /usr/share/perl5/ line 436, <DATA> line 1.

what that's 

Best Regards

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This is a really old thread so it is highly unlikely that your issue is relevant to this one (even if it seems like it is). Best to start a new thread.

Assuming that you are using the latest (v14.0) ISO then you probably shouldn't need to follow this thread anyway. Just install and answer the first boot questions and you should be good to go. Perhaps detail your issue a little more (e.g. "installed ISO to VirtualBox VM; followed installation steps; after reboot completed intihook questions...") when you start your new thread.

Oops - Also I probably should have clarified that you should download the latest ISO (v14.0) if that's not what you are using...

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Hi Jeremy:


I need know the users and password.

I use virtualbox and install the vm, but not know the users.

Best, regards.


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We do not currently produce an OVA so I'm guessing that it's nothing to do with us.

My suggestion is that you download the latest TKL Twiki appliance. You'll want the v14.0 ISO and install it into a new VM. Follow the install prompts and answer all the questions. THat should sort you out. The Twiki username is "AdminUser" (as documented on the appliance page) and the password set at first boot.

If you still experience issues, please start a new thread and provide as much detail as possible (I'll see it). A link back here may be useful.

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I installed Twiki 14.0 into a VMware environment. There were no errors in the initial config, but as with the above complaints, I cannot log in as the AdminUser. I also noticed I cannot find the AdminUser via shell (id command), nor in the Users and Groups or Change Passwords applets in Webmin.

The above suggestions (except reload from scratch) have not resolved the issue. I'm going to try the reload and give it the simplest of passwords and see if that helps.

Also, I successfully created a user on the site and can log in as that user, but that user doesn't show up in either the Users and Groups or Change Passwords applets.

These are pretty severe issues.

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I think I have answered all your questions in your other thread. If not, please ask for clarification over there...

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