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I went through the processes of purchasing an already built Redmine appliance for my AWS account. I had hoped this would expedite the time needed to get some mission critical project tracking up, boy was I in for some adventure. 


I am now up and running, I suppose. The issue now is I am NOT able to access the Redmine I am paying for and I am unable to locate anything in documentation or emails on what the administrative passwords and logins are. 


So now I have procurred payment from a business group for a system that does not work, and is apparently not well supported or taken care of.


Does anyone know where Amazon got involved with these guys? I live in Seattle and work with AWS engineers on occasion and this all catches me off guard. I simply want what I paid for. I am asking for access to the system I paid for. Unbelievable these guys dump this junk with an affiliation to AWS.

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A couple of days ago I drafted a response to your email Ryan. It was long, wordy and fairly scathing of your attitude. It contained the help you were after but wrapped in lots of smart ass. I'm still not sure whether it would have been better to post it or not. It may have got you going sooner and it may have made me feel better but I seriously suspect it probably would have just pissed you off even more (and thus not really achieving anything)... So despite the fact that part of me would still like to say so much more, on this occasion I will (somewhat) bite my tongue...

Despite that I would still like to make a point: I don't think that slamming a product that is near and dear to those who are in any position to help you is a very smart move. Surely you didn't expect it to win you any friends around here by referring to TKL as 'junk' that has been 'dumped' on an [unsuspecting] public...?!?

Constructive criticism is always welcome here at TKL, but self-indulgent angry rants rarely gain a lot of traction. If you have specific concerns or feedback (specifically relating to the Redmine appliance and/or TKL in general) then now is probably a great time to put them forward (preferrably in a friendly respectful way) as TKL v13 is under heavy development as we speak...

But to specififly address your immediate issue:

Generally the preferred way to launch TKL appliances on AWS is via the Hub. Then your passwords can be set prior to launch of your appliance. The username for Redmine (and the other interfaces of the appliance) is(/are) stated on the relevant appliance page (in this instance it is 'admin' for Redmine and 'root' for everything else). If you are adamant that you don't want to use the Hub then you can manually initialise the appliance following it's launch by logging in via SSH (using the 'root' account and the root password that should be contained in the console log of your appliance) and running the command 'turnkey-init' to (re)set the relevant passwords...

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