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Hi all,  I lovethe concept of  turnkey linux however I'm having some major issues (18h plus tyring to resolve it) doing  basic tasks.

Every time I reboot, my DNS settings are reset to what were  originally entered during setup and not what my interfaces  file shows.

First up I'm running a static IP and turnkey linux core under proxmox as pve.

My  IT admin set the wrong DNS servers during initial configuration setup. So as one would normally, I changed the DNS settings in /etc/netowork/interfaces to the correct DNS.

I then run:

/etc/init.d/networking stop && /etc/init.d/networking start (as restart has been depreciated?)

cat /etc/resolv.conf still shows the old DNS.

I then use webmin and alter the DNS there, I then bring down the interface and bring it back up from webmin, this time the settings have changed in resolv.conf.

Now I reboot and the settings in resolv.conf are back to what the original config was set  too.

After manually setting the resolv.conf file, I ran all the boot scripts in from the webmin panel, none appeared to change the resolv.conf  file.

I've combed every config file  I  could find on the system, I've gone through every log I could find, absolutely no clues.

Where is the missing config file that overides my and webmins settings?

This is really frustrating, How can you trace which config files are loaded on reboot?

I'm guessing there is something real simple I'm missing like an environment variable/config file somewhere I can't find.

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If you are running OVZ then the networking changes need to be done via the host. You can either do that via the PVE WebUI or using the vzctl command. As you have discovered, any networking changes made within the guest will be overwritten by the host on reboot. This has nothing to do with TKL - it is how OVZ works...

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Thaks for that, makes me feel a bit daft for looking for the settings inside the container.



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FWIW IIRC the guests will inherit the DNS setting of the host by default. So if you make sure that is set up correctly then any new servers should be good to go straight up.

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