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An Install HOWTO for each VM type would be nice. E.g. I can't find anything here on launching one of your canned VM images with VMware Player on either Linux or Windows:

Also in the KVM docs, you show somewhere how to start by converting from file.vmdk to file.qcow2 using the "kvm" command-line tool, but that tool does not exist on my centos system. I did, however, eventually find this, so please add this as an alternative starting point to try:

qemu-img convert -O qcow2 *vmdk myimage.qcow2

Now, onward, and we'll see how far I can get today! Wishing I had that "kvm" tool for the "go go go" method! :)




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BTW there is a broken symlink in the current Django 1.4.5 image as running in the Hub (AWS). (I gave up on getting this to work in KVM or VMware, for now.)

/var/www/project/media/admin -> /usr/share/pyshared/django/contrib/admin/media

I figured out the correct link:

/var/www/project/media/admin -> /usr/share/pyshared/django/contrib/admin/static

Now at least I can watch the apache error log without that on every other line. 

P.S. It doesn't look like this forum is very active, at all. <Tapping the mic> <tap> <tap> Is this thing on?


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TBH the forums are fairly active with 'consumers' but not so many 'helpers'... Often it feels like just me! :)

The core devs try to read as much as they can, and respond too... but they are often busy with development (and providing paid support that keeps the lights on) rather than very active on the forums. It's a significant trade off, but with such a small operation (Alon and Liraz are the only core devs!) it's just about all they can do or otherwise development would grind to a halt. Things have improved a little since they have opened up the build infrastructure (i.e. TKLDev and all the code hosted on GitHub - we get a bit more community development going on) but we still have a long way to go! 

The documentation is an editable wiki so feel free to contribute what you can (IIRC you need to be logged in to edit/add). In fact that would be awesome if you could! :)

As for your bug report, I have lodged it on the TKL Issue tracker (on GitHub).

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Thanks, Jeremy. No problem on the activity here. TKL looks like an awesome project to me. Just making sure the development/supporters didn't cry uncle 6 months ago and walk away. :) Glad not!

I'll check out both the bugtraq and wiki.


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