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Vtiger CRM 6 was released and so would like to migrate. The obvious way to do it is to restore my tklbam backups from amazon into a new server using turnkey hub. Then to follow the migration path on the vtiger website

The problem is that after creating a new server from the backup, all the passwords are invalid due to the tkl 12.1 MYSQL problem that has been documented

Ok, so let me initiate a vtiger appliance first and then restore from the server instead of from the backup, after fixing the bug.

Nope, the drop-down on turnkey hub doesnt have vtiger,ie no appliance vtiger exists on the hub.

Maybe if I start with a LAMP ? No.. that didnt work either.

So I got a year of backups using tklbam and impossible to restore. I would appreciate any idea on how to go forward...


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As it didn't support PHP v5.4 (default in Debian Wheezy/TKL v13.x) - see bug report here.

I'm not sure when the guys will get a chance to upgrade the appliance, but hopefully it will be high on their list of things to do...

If you have updated TKLBAM then a fresh backup of your data should resolve the issue that you have with your backups (in fact it should have already been resolved as the fix was released as a 'security' update - as thus auto updated).

In the meantime, it may be best to use TKL LAMP v13.0 as a base to install vTiger. I note though that you say that didn't work. What do you mean by that?

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Thanks for your reply, Jeremy.

I did upgrade my local version of vtiger (using apt-get) and it backed up to the hub. Then if I start new instance on the hub (restore from backup) the usernames-passwords are not valid. Its running ok, I just cannot log in.

I understand why LAMP v13.0 didnt work.. I installed vtiger5.4 onto it, and you said, would not work because of php versions.

I guess I should use a 12.1 LAMP version, install vtiger 5.4, and then restore from hub back-up... 

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It may be worth studying the upgrade instructions (hopefully) available via vTiger support (wiki or other documentation). If you can get an idea of what the upgrading process actually requires it may assist you to decide the best course of action...
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Just read that vtiger 6.1 will be PHP v5.4 compatible, and it should be out in a few months.

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So does that mean that v6.0 isn't yet compatible with PHP5.4?

Regardless it'd be nice to have the vTiger appliance back in the library... Let's hope for v13.1 (or maybe sooner!)

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My understanding is that vTiger does not support php v5.4+ (currently only stable on php v5.3) so I'd be interested to hear what you did to get it running...

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From what I read on the vTiger site (comments on there v6.0 release blog post and bug reports relating to php5.4+) it "shouldn't" work with anything above php5.3.x (i.e. 5.4+) but perhaps that is simply not the case...?!

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VTiger is pretty problematic in the present situation.  I had a Lucid Buld that I had upgraded pretty well through some generations.  I thought I could kick it to Wheezy and found the download was Squeeze.  When I ran TKLBAM-Restore however the App lost its IP address and does not boot directly into the console.

Probably have to bring a Lucid ISO up and try again.  Either that or Try Squeeze from ISO rather than from OVF and try TKLBAM restore again.

I still have the Lucid build but I can't so far move it to another Server.  At least it's not my "go to workplace" any more.


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I had a similar migration w/ PostgreSQL do the same thing.  Could get the IP/Config Console back by typing ConfConsole in the the main console.

If the Squeeze version of V-Tiger works for you I don't see any reason not to run with it.  I was able, a while back, to upgrade my Vtiger and I would expect you could upgrade the Squeeze install up to the version that is current.

Most of that work would be done by downloading the Upgrade Package and placing it into the directory where VTiger lives.

Try it anyway.  No harm in trying but your time investment.  When I was using V-Tiger actively I liked it quite a lot.  It is fast.  you can organize yourself in various ways.  TBH, I shold see if I could reintegrate my use of it.

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I had hoped to patch vTiger v5.4.0 to run on TKL v13.0 (for the v13.1 release) so people using v12.1 vTiger had an upgrade path. But I hit a problem building it with TKLDev and got sidetracked with other important stuff so haven't yet finished it...

FWIW the code I started is here. If you want to have a look and see what you think...

Also in the process of doing that I have built the vTiger v5.4.0 source and patched it with the 2 upstream security patches and patched it to work with PHP5.4. The patched vTiger source is here for anyone interested in just installing it to LAMP. One note though... IIRC therre are still a couple of files that need patching once it is installed and running. IIRC they were something to do with the calendar...

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Or are you doing a clean install to LAMP?

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I just tested manually installing vTigerCRM 6.1.0 to TurnKey LAMP v13.0

Essentailly I just followed the instructions here (which incidentally also mention php5.3...).

So first I installed what I figured where the required dependancies:

apt-get install php5-imap php5-curl php5-xmlrpc

Then adjusted the php config (/etc/php5/apache2/php.ini) as noted. (It seems that max_memory is memory_limit & max_execution_time is in 1/10ths of seconds so 60secs = 600).

Then I downloaded and untarred the files and set ownership to www-data (I think that could be better set for security but for the purposes of this test I went with 'quick and dirty').

Then I browsed to (I didn't adjust the virtual host but I'd do that for production) and followed the steps. At step 3 I take the mention of php5.3 vs installed php5.4.4-14+deb7u14 to mean that 5.3 is minimum and you meet that (notice it's not in red). Mine did still have some complaints (in red), they were:

Recommended PHP Settings
display_errors On Off
log_errors Off On

This is a little confusing as the top table has 'Required Value' on the left and 'Present Value' on the right but it seems to me that this table is the other way around (as my settings match the ones on the left) - the ones on the right are in red... But I ignored them regardless (had to click an ok button to ignore them). [Edit] Oops my bad - the settings on the right are indeed what I have, what confused me is that I had set the error reporting level wrong but thought I had it right... Doh!

I manually set up the blank vtiger DB and user and continued the install. All went well from then on and once it finished I was auto logged into the admin account. I logged out and back in and created a contact to test that it was working. It was! I don't get any warning or errors on the screen at all...

So to specifically answer your questions (which I think I have already, but to be sure:

1) I think you're right and 5.3 is min php version.
2) No idea, but mine is the same and I don't get the errors you refer to. 3) I don't get that error. As a wild stab in the dark though, I note it's referring to curl - did you install php5-curl (and the other dependencies)?

FWIW there are a stack of vTiger errors in the Apache error log so perhaps tweaking the error settings (or a cron job to delete old error logs) would be a good idea (so the log doesn't balloon massively over time). [Edit] As I mentioned above I had done the php.ini settings wrong...Once I adjusted the settings then the log is much cleaner; and I still don't have any errors showing on the screen (in vTiger).

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