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Hi there:

First of all, thank you Jeremy for your last answer. I have an installation of wordpress in amazon web services from TurnKey Linux. I want to install Sendy in a directory using the same instance. But I upload files and when I call Sendy in URL I get a 404 page and not the installation setup.

I research sendy forum but they have no clue on how to do that. Can you please help me?

What I did. I create a folder using Webmin in var/www/hmtl directory. HTML directory is something I added and then I set up a directory named Sendy. So it is var/www/html/sendy. But I'm surely missing something. I also did another database in PHPMYADMIN, but I'm missing some configuration here.

Thank you for your help,


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By default the doc root of the Wordpress appliance is /var/www/wordpress so your webserver doesn't even know that /var/www/html exists...

So you could create a new virtual host with Apache and go that way. Alternatively you could put your folder within the wordpress dir (e.g. /var/www/wordpress/html) and adjust the .htaccess file (as per the first answer here).

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Hi there:


As alternative I tried to create a directory in wordpress folder called Sendy. I changed .htaccess files as explained in the first answer in the link you gave me but wordpress returns that it has not found any internal page and some Apache line.

There is another configuration missing.


Amazon said many things which I can't paste here because it says I'm spamming the forum.


Can you help please?


Thank you Gabriela


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Although I'm not sure if you need to (you definitely do if you change Apache config itself e.g. adding a new virtual host; but not sure about .htaccess file). Perhaps it's worth trying anyway?

service apache2 restart

As for the other stuff that the forums won't let you post. Sorry that the spam countermeasures are so intense, these forums get bombarded by spammers (more than 2000 posts per day) so it's a constant juggle to balance allowing users to post constructive comment vs allowing spammers to spam... If you have more info that you think is important to what you are trying to do, please feel free to email me direct (jeremy turnkeylinux org) and when I have time I can post it on your behalf and/or edit your post and add the extra info.

I'll try to help as much as possible but my time is limited and thus I need to prioritise stuff that is directly related to TKL, before I can spend too much time assisting with customisations. I hope you understand.


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It didn't work. Someone suggested to allow wordpress to have multisite installation as in this link:

Do you think that might work?


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Although TBH I don't know WP well enough for my opinion to be anything more than a pure guess sorry. I don't think that it is probably ideal.

Setting a new virtual host should work. Although I'm not sure how it goes nesting one inside the otherI suggest that you do a bit of reading about "configure Debian Apache virtual hosts" and have a crack at that... But you may need to adjust the WordPress root to be /var/www (which means your WP will become But you could always put a server redirect on the root to automatically redirect to that (so from a user perspective it would still be the root, but form the server perspective it wouldn't - that would make it easy to add additional folders as you started doing (i.e. within /var/www).

My only specific advice is that instead of editing the existing site file, copy it, creating a new one, then configure that accordingly...(many tutporials would suggest that, but some mightn't bother...)

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Hi there, I managed to install Sendy in Wordpress Turnkey Appliance.

So here are the steps if someone needs this help in the future.

1) I installed the Turnkey Wordpress Appliance in Amazon Web Service and got an instance.

2) Got an Elastic Ip for that Instance

3) Upload your Sendy files to your root directory. Mine was /var/www

5) In webmin go to /etc/apache2/sites-available and made modifications to create a new virtual host with your DNS settings and folders in /www/var/

6) Copy the wordpress file in this directory, rename it as sendy and configure your virtual host following Apache instructions.

7) Point your DNS Zone to A Record and CNAME

8) After propagation ssh into your instance and use command to make site enabled

9) After that restart your Apache using command.

10) Browser must recognize new site installed at /var/www/sendy

11) Go ahead and install sendy following guide in

And that's all.



Thank you, Jeremy!!


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No doubt it will help someone else out! :)

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