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Currently, in webmin/tklbam on any one server, all the backups for all the servers are visible.

This concerns me as I do not want to see backups, nor be able to backup or restore a server, other than those related to the server I am on. Being able to perform operations on more than one server is a job for the hub CP is it not?

Not only that, but I find the fact that I can restore a backup from server A when on server B a tad ambiguous as it is unclear whether doing so would restore the backup I have selected to the current server or to the server from which it was generated.

Is there any way to disable/modify this behaviour? If I have one person able to manage server A and another able to manage server B, I certainly do not want their streams to cross, to paraphrase Ghostbusters.

Can you clarify the behaviour of this feature?

Or should I be looking at multiple hub accounts?

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I hadn't actually noticed this behaviour before (I either use the commandline to restore or use the Hub to test backups). I certainly see your point and in your instance it makes sense to have the other backups hidden by default. TBH I don't know of any way to make it do what you want (other than have separate Hub accounts).

FWIW I have lodged a feature request.

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This won't solve your immediate request, but may be another workaround. You could rename the backups so that they match the people or teams managing them, or the purpose of the server or some other easily identifiable name.

See this post that I just put up on another thread regarding how to change the backup name.

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