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I've been using redmine for most of the day ... I left it alone for an hour or two and now when I try log into redmine I get the attached error page.

I can confirm the username / password being used by redmine (as shown in the errortext.txt file) to access its MySQL database is valid (although I'd be really happy to eat my words).

I've modified the database.yml file to be certain that it is being read. It is.

In the database.yml file I have modified the username and password and tested the new values via MySQL Yog on my desktop - fine.

My problem is

A: I really have done NOTHING to redmine or MySQL today that might have caused this issue.

B: I don't have enough experience with Passenger / ruby to work my way through the error log.

I'd love some help.



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You say that you can log into the appropriate DB using the username and password contained in your database.yml file. Have you checked from a local comandline?

Depending on how you configured remote access (as by default it isn't allowed) accessing the DB remotely will not necessarily prove that your Redmine instance has the correct permissions to access the DB locally (although TBH I would expect that it would - still pays to check...).

Another option is to just reset the Redmine MySQL username and password. AFAIK you should be able to do that like this:


BTW sorry for such slow response... Let me know how you go.

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Thanks Jeremy

If it happens again I'll take your advice as a way to try and resolve the issue.

On the day however - in an act of desparation - I destroyed my redmine installation and reinstalled it.

Since I was able to access the redmine database remotely I took a backup that I then restored to the virgin Redmine database after reinstallation.

It's been working fine ever since.


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