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I've seen similar posts1, but not quite the same situation. I'm running iso/turnkey-owncloud-13.0-wheezy-i386.iso on a Dell Inspiron 8500. Owncloud is installed directly on the laptop's hd. Both eth0 and wlan0 do not appear to work using DHCP. Static IP configuration does not work either when set correctly. The laptop is plugged by ethernet to the router, which handles DHCP for the rest of the network (which all works).

I'm pretty sure this is a Turnkey related install issue, because I've installed a base Debian Wheezy on the same laptop with ownCloud on top of that and it works just fine (although I did have to manually set up the ath5k drivers). I didn't need nor want a GUI, which is why I'm trying out Turnkey, but the networking issues have been anything but turnkey ;)

Dropping to a CLI, I can bring up and see both eth0 and wlan0 using ifconfig. Without eth0 running, I'm not able to install packages, etc., so my ability to fix the bare metal install of Turnkey ownCloud appears to be somewhat limited.

Any help would be appreciated on how to get this up and running.

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Nevermind...appears to be a flaky LAN connection on the old laptop. Eth0 appears to be working now.

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