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I have 2 domains, one that points directly to my new server running Turnkey Wordpress and works great and one that handles the company email and is supposed to point to the new server but is acting very strange.

The first domain that is working properly is , the second domain (previously only domain, but through the transfer of hosting was last to forward to the new server.

The first domain is from Namecheap, the second is from HostRocket.

I can control the settings on the Namecheap domain but the HostRocket domain is completely controlled by HostRocket and everything has to be put into a support ticket or called in.

After having some issues with the initial forwarding of the domain and losing company email for two days, we finally got it to where the email works perfectly but the domain goes to a weird location on the server:

I have contacted both companies regarding this issue, Namecheap told me that HostRocket was forwarding incorrectly and HostRocket told me that my server wasn't configured properly.

HostRocket then directed me to look at my apache settings for all my virtual servers and have it alias properly.

After much thought and research, I have figured out I don't even know where to begin.

My major questions are:

1. Is being forwarded improperly?

2. (if not) What do I do to fix this issue on my end?

3. Is there anyone who can explain to me how to configure PostFix on my server so that I can cut HostRocket completely out and handle everything in house?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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TBH I'm not totally clear on what you're trying to do, or how you have things currently configured... FWIW here's what I would probably do (assuming that you want both domains to point to your TKL server and you have email handled somewhere else).

This whole process would probably be easier if you got your HostRocket domain transferred to NameCheap (so you could handle them all yourself). But it shouldn't really matter (assuming that HostRocket are actually doing it properly). You could also use a third party DNS service (e.g. like AWS Route 53).

Anyway... Decide which domain you wish to be your primary domain. Let's for argument say that it's going to be Make sure that is set as your one and only 'A' record (of both domains) point it towards your server IP. Set, & as 'CNAME' records (aka aliases). Then set & as 'MX' records (pointing towards your mail server or third party provider IP).

IIRC unless you have adjusted the WP/Apache config then it should all just work... Unfortunately I can't confirm that 100% OTTOMH. Perhaps if you post your current DNS config that might help?

For more info about DNS record types, have a look at Wikipedia.

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I guess that was my main concern to begin with: to consolidate or not to consolidate. As I left work yesterday my boss and I discussed it for a while and we pretty much decided to move in the direction of getting everything we could over to Namecheap so we can handle all of the records ourselves. 

Trust me, both of the companies are pointing towards the other for blame or towards my server stating that it isn't configured properly and that is why sends you to Either way, I was done playing the blame game when they started and all I want is for everything to work properly lol.

As far as the Email server is concerned, I've been wanting to have our server handle everything for us, to minimize cost and to make Email work faster. When I was testing everything with only, before routing the original domain to the new server, I tried to get email to work properly with little to no avail.

The first setup guide I tried (for settings and a brief explanation of what all I was looking at):




After attempting to get this running for a couple of days and not getting anywhere I had to give up and just stick with the current configuration of Email the company is using.

Mostly, the error I keep getting is revolving around open ports and firewalls. I'll keep at it to see if I can't figure it out.

Thank you for the suggestions though, it confirmed that I need to be able to access and edit the domain records manually to really get this to where I want it.


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TurnKey does include a firewall by default, but except when running on AWS it is disabled by default, so unless you have enabled it, then its something external to TKL that is causing you issues with your email config.

So my guess for that would be either your router includes a firewall, you have some other firewall on your network, or your ISP is blocking ports...

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Problem was solved by adjusting relayhost, relay_domains and myhostname in



Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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