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Hi, I'm looking for a lemp stack with bind and dovecot. Does bitnami have something like this available? If not, what is the recommended approach to setting up email and dns zone?

Thank you smile

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TurnKey does have a LEMP stack (called Nginx PHP FastCGI Server). It does have Postfix pre-installed and configured, but not Dovecot (nor Bind). TBH I'm not totally sure why you'd want Bind

You could install both fairly easily though, and they both have Webmin modules too (if you want). Something like this...:

apt-get update
apt-get install bind9 webmin-bind8 webmin-dovecot

And depending on what you want to do with Dovecot you would add the following packages to the install line above:

dovecot-common # all common dovecot default packages, shouldn't need to install any others
dovecot-core # just the core dovecot package, you'll need some of the others
dovecot-imapd # dovecot IMAP package
dovecot-pop3d # dovecot POP3 package

If you want to see what other Dovecot packages are available then use this:

apt-cache search dovecot
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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Oops - I meant Turnkey! 

Anyhow, I'm really a beginner at this. I know how to launch instances from ami and basic command line but I'm just wondering what do most people do to set up email? I was looking through the dovecot documentation, and looks daunting. I used to use cPanel but I would like to try one of your images and have email access also. Does webmin make setting up email addresses easier?

Also, what do you recommend to get the domain name working on the server?

Thanks again :)



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Email is a pain. Think carefully about how you want to use email.

1) Basic admin email

2) Low volume notifications to yourself or a small group of members

3) Low Volume Newsletter

4) High Volume newsletter

5) Other

Email is already set up for you in a LAMP / LEMP VM as Jeremy indicated which would cover scenarios 1& 2 above.

If you send out repetitive emails, like in a newsletter, you should consider relaying through a mail service (Google is good for scenario 3) but if you are emailing repetitively in high volume you should consider a dedicated mailing service like MailChimp. If your IP address gets blacklisted all your other housekeeping emails to members will get blacklisted as well.

See the following two Turnkey articles for inspiration (from Jeremy & Chris Musty...gurus of TKLX... behind Liraz & Alon of course :-).


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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