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I'm running the VTiger appliance from TKL and it's still under 12.1--no upgrade yet available. In the last few days, webmin access has been incredibly slow--just getting the log in page to appear takes many tries as my browser times out. Each step triggers a long wait--even to log in, I usually have to wait 10 minutes to get to webmin proper.  The menu is not slow, but trying to bring up the command shell, or any other option, requires this long wait.

I rebooted the server and CPU, IO & Net usage are all low. The Vtiger app actually runs very fast. Any ideas on what I might try?


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Here's the link. So Webmin is slow but the vTiger site is ok? What about Webshell (port 12320) or logging in via SSH (port 22 using a client like PuTTY)? Have you checked CPU and RAM usage?

Also FWIW there is a new version of vTiger out now that will work with php5.4 (the version that comes with Debian Wheezy - the basis of TKL v13; so an updated vTiger appliance should make it into the v13.1 release (whenever that happens...)

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