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I have just implemented a site using Turnkey Wordpress and noticed that downloads from the site are limited to around 1.6 Mbyte/sec.

I have tried adding a rule using tc but this seems to have made no difference. Could someone please point me in the right direction.

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There are no download throttles applied within the default config AFAIK. Are you self hosting? If so then it might be your upload limit!?

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Where are you Steve and how did you test?

If you are in Australia that is the normal average download speed.


Did you test from your desktop and if so is your computer / network connection wired or wireless? What is your desktop O /S?

Are you on broadband or ADSL?

What is your speedtest result (use speed tester relevant to your country of residence)? Or, did you test from one cloud server to another? If so where is your server hosted (country and hoster)?

Were you testing a file retrieval from the file system via apache or a page / file download from Wordpress? If wordpress download do you have plugin caching? Do you have php caching? Are you using a CDN?


There are a lot of elements to performance and performance testing. It is not possible for anyone to answer your general question without additional information and without you performing specific baseline tests (example: if a speedtester shows the same download speed then it is an issue with your ISP service).



Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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This is UK on internal 1 gbps network. We normall get about 100-120 mbyte/sec SMB transfers.

The speed is same whether FTP or HTTP download of files. Which is what made me think of bandwidth throttling.


The VM is running on a quite powerful PowerEdge server and has 4 GB and 2 processors allocated.

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Cheers for the update Steve but if we're going to help you to find the root cause of your problem you can't trickle feed the info. You need to answer all the questions asked...not just respond to a few. I doubt you really expected us to diagnose your problem by telling us you have a powerful network and a powerful server!

Test client, test scenarios, whether the problem you encountered was accessing the server from a client computer on the internal network or on an external network. DMZ, no DMZ, etc (see previous post for more questions).

For example...if you are accessing the server from the web, using a laptop, over wifi and your server is installed on your premises you will be subject to the standard ISP upload throttling and Wifi inefficiencies and your throughput will be low.

We'd like to help...but we can only do so based on the info you provide. Send more info and we can provide diagnosis suggestions.


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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Dear Tim

Sorry  - to be honest I thought it would be something really straightforward! 

All the figures come from tests performed on the internal network using a Windows client on the same physical switch as the ESXi host. However traffice is rourted via a loopback on our Sonicwall. 

We get about 85 mbps using Speedtest for external connections (obviously).

I will wheel out Wireshark and see if that gives me any clues.

I will keep you updated on what I find as it maybe useful to someone else.



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Cheers Steve. You problem will be straightforward. It's just our ability to assist is limited by the information you provide. Since there are a lot of elements that can affect performance diagnosis is only possible through a run-through of the usual culprits. In most cases I would initially suspect the following:

1) external client accessing internal server limited by ISP upload speed

2) rate limiter in the network or in the VM hypervisor configuration

Less likely would be that someone has installed mod_throttle or mod_cband in the Apache webserver (I'm assumig you were the one that installed the TKLX WordPress appliance AND that you did not make any configuration adjustments involving hardening the installation or installing additional WordPress security plug-ins).

Without further information and based on what you have described I would expect your problem is one of the following three:

1) Your network routing...traffic is going out onto the Internet and back in so you are subject to the ISP upload limit (700K bytes/sec in U.K.)

2) Your hypervisor has lmited the traffic out of the VM you have installed the appliance on

3) You have a rate limiter in your network

NOTE: You did not say what your base hypervisor was. If you are running MS HyperV there are a variety of people with slow network speeds involving HyperV.

If none of these turned out to be the issue then I would do the following:

- Check TOP and netstat on the TKLX appliance to ensure no resource issues during my test

- I would download a file via apache web server without involving WordPress to determine if throttle is at the Apache level

Good luck with your tests. Let us know what you find out (I learn something new every day :-).



Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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