Uh, where do I start here? I launched an OpenVPN instance, logged in through ssh, ran through the config, then logged into webmin. Nothing there about OpenVPN. Maybe I missed something?


dpkg-reconfigure turnkey-openvpn-13.0

 - Nothing.

dpkg -L turnkey-openvpn-13.0

dpkg-reconfigure turnkey-core-13.0

 - Nothing

Look in the FAQ. Nothing.

Look at the docs. Nothing.


Where is openvpn's web config? I am only looking for a solution for our service desk and hoping not to have to build it myself. I do not requre help setting up openvpn. Nothing in webmin as installed is relevant to openvpn. There aren't any instructions whatsoever. What am I supposed to do with this thing?

The only way to add vpn profiles is to ssh in and do the same thing I could do with a vanilla debian box? What's the point?

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I suspect that unless you pay for the proprietary OpenVPN version (see this thread) then TurnKey OpenVPN appliance is probably the best you'll get...

FWIW the TurnKey documentation is linked to on both the appliance page and the 'control panel' (on your local server). There are also links to upstream docs too.

As I mentioned in the thread I linked to above, that there is a 3rd party WebUI but from a glance it doesn't seem quite up to scratch... If you have any suggestions on how the TKL OpenVPN appliance could be improved we'd love to hear! :)

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