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Probably it has been asked before... 

how can i preseed (or edit the iso installer or any other solution) the passwords for a lamp tkl?

I use ISO and also the LXC (proxmox) versions.  All other installations and customisations are done via SALTSTACK, i need to have a headless install and if possible to preseed the /etc/hosts to add an entry like:

192.168.X.Y  salt


Thank you kindly guys,


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The inithooks docs are here.

In an LXC appliance it's pretty easy. You can unarchive the template and add the relevant info to /etc/inithooks.conf and then repack the archive. Keep in mind though that preseeding the root Linux user password in Proxmox probably won't work (it is normally handled by the host).

ISOs are a little trickier; although the theory remains the same (extract the ISO; add the /etc/inithooks.conf; recreate the ISO). You can use tklpatch for this.

Alternatively if you have further customisations that you'd like to make you could rebuild the whole OS using TKLDev. That's sort of covered in this thread.

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Thanks man! Owe you a beer @Jeremy Davis

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Look me up next time you're in Australia and we'll have beer! :)
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Or...you can look me up next time you are in Frankfurt/Germany for a German beer :P

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Ok, you're on! :)

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