Please suggest

Can we install CSF in turnkey Linux, if I yes then what about current firewall (IPtables) running ?

Actually, I need some automated firewall which blocks the Ip if found DDos attack etc.



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I have never heard of "CSF firewall" before, but a quick google, suggests that it installs on Ubuntu, so I imagine that it should probably install on Debian (and therefore TurnKey) too. TurnKey v14.x is built on top of Debian Jessie. By default TurnKey has IPTables installed but not enabled. You may need to remove that, although as it's disabled it may be ok to leave.

Alternatively you could enable IPTables and install fail2ban to block DDOS attacks.

Please post back with your progress and/or with questions.

Thanks for reply Jeremy.

Actually, Right now I am using "Webmin Linux firewall" where I can add the rules manually.

And I think at the back end it (Webmin Linux Firewall) uses Iptables to add the rules.  

So My concern is if I would install fail2ban or CSF does it replace all rules which I have created with "Webmin Linux Firewall".

And also, I am not able to find the option to stop Webmin Linux firewall and not even I found iptables service like (/etc/init.d/iptables) here so I have a doubt which service is responsible for running Webmin Linux firewall ?

Thanks For your time and Help, I really appreciate.


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The "Webmin Firewall" is a just a UI for IPTables. AFAIK fail2ban adds new rules and doesn't remove any (other than one's it adds depending on settings).

I don't recall how to disable it; but it doesn't run as a specific service in Debian (like it does in Red Hat/CentOS). Have a look at this thread on the Debian forums (TurnKey is built on Debian). It discusses Debian 7 which is a little old now, but should be relevant.

Also FWIW I just had a bit more of a read about CSF and it too uses IPTables (it does other stuff as well apparently) but by default won't use your current settings.

However to be sure why don't you do some testing? You could just set up a testing VM and play until you break it! Then you could post back telling us what worked and what doesn't! :)

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Yes you can. I run it on several servers. It uses IP Tables just like your current webmin firewall does but it applies the rules you define in the CSF interface. There is also a webmin module for CSF which is pretty well documented on how to install.

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Great info.

Thanks, Les Inbody and Jeremy Davis  for the great help, I will do testing on my Local VM and will post the results.

Thanks again for the Help.



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