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Hello guys.


I'm really enjoying using Turnkey. It really helps me out.


Now, i'm using all my apps into containers using TK LXC,

in a VirtualBox machine for developing and testing.

It is awesome, but just local and the VM share

resources with my PC. So i could shove it on the internet.


I have a VPS provider online  that i can't install any SO outiside from

their pre-aproved list, that only have Debian Ubuntu and Centos.


And I need a way to transform a fresh debian 8 install into a TK LXC.

How it can be done in a elegant way ?

Should I forget it and just use LXC with debian ?

Thanks in advance.

Keep up the awesome work guys!

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We have a number of hosting partners that do offer TurnKey appliances and perhaps your hosting provider would be interested in joining us? If you would like to let me know who it is I am happy to approach them as well (email me direct: jeremy AT

A number of hosting providers support uploading specific ISOs and "self installing" an OS. It sounds like your host may not be one of those, but it might pay to double check? Alternatively if you can find out what their underlaying infrastructure is perhaps they would support you to upload a specific VM build?

Otherwise, I don't know of an "elegant" way to do it. I have heard of people using rsync from a local TurnKey appliance to a remote Debian stable, but I don't know the specifics and have never tried it myself. It will involve a bit of trial and error I imagine though...

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I'am in Brasil, and saddly connection down here is an issue.

US servers responses are much slower compared to the BR ones. (Br is 20ms / Us is 200ms).

And I got this really cheap deal that delivery a good performance overall.

So, I'll stick with it for now, but in the future we're going to AWS, but it's 

a lot more expensive (and trust worthy lol).

If you're interested in get in touch with'em yourself here is the provider list I'm using:
locaweb com br/superdominios org/hostinger com br

Locaweb is the larger one in south america, 
the other two are small & cheap ones.

But thank you anyways.

About my original question, I'll give up and use Debian - LXC solo, 
it's gona be less expensive on resources and that's what I need.



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So we'll have to see how that goes...

In the meantime, even if you use vanilla Debian with LXC you can still use our appliances as guests. TBH I've never done that so I can't really guide you, but it is certainly possible.

Also you may be interested in browsing the source code of our LXC appliance:

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