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Hi, I am trying to post a question in the forum but every time I try to submit it, I get a warn saying it was detected as SPAM (see attached image). I've already reported it to yesterday but the problem persist. 

Should i send a personal email ? 



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Sorry about the overzealous spam filter. But as you may have seen, despite the measures in place we still get tons of spam. I just cleaned up over 100 spam posts... :(

Anyway, I've just added you to the "contributor" group, which means that your posts should now avoid the bulk of the spam filtering measures.

Please feel free to try again (I suggest a new thread). If you continue to have issues, please email me directly: jeremy AT

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Hi Jeremy, yes, I saw a lot of spam in the forums today.

I will make a new thread with the original issue. 

Thanks you very much!

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