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Ho folks,


I have the owncloud App and the openldap app up and running.

But now I want to restrict the logins to owncloud, so only posixAccounts which are member of a certain posixGroup are allowed.

For this I do need the UserDN-Attribute "memberOf" which does not seem to be included in the out-of-the-box openldap configuration.

my slapd-version is:

@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd  (Jan 16 2016 23:00:08) $


I followed several howtos on the internet, e.g.

but I am unable to get it to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Unfortunately I have no idea about OpenLDAP so won't be any use to you at all! Perhaps you could try stackoverflow? I googled "openldap memberOf stackoverflow" and saw a couple of Q&As that may be of value? If nothing there works you could try posting your own question?

The OS is probably immaterial but FWIW TurnKey is based on Debian (v14.x = Debian Jessie).

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Steve just got in touch with us and shared the docs that he used to get "memberOf" working on TurnKey v14.2 OpenLDAP appliance. I've added them to the OpenLDAP appliance doc page (at the top, under "MemberOf config for OpenLDAP"). Hopefully someone else finds them of interest and value.

Thanks for sharing Steve! :)

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