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Can someone point me towards a diagram that explains how the TKLBAM service is being charged?

I received notice of the need to change to Stripe, which I did before 1-Oct-2016, then was still charged $10 by AWS. I called Amazon and they said to talk with TKL.

Now, I've always been a little bit in the dark as to how the billing works between TKL & Amazon, but my bills were either non-existent or very low, so I didn't worry about it. But I don't understand why the $10 charge, and there seems to be no documentation of for what or why I have this charge on Amazon as I've already migrated to Stripe.

Is the Stripe "free" account really "free" or is there a monthly charge for it, too?



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TBH we haven't drawn a diagram of how the TKLBAM service is being charged so I can't point you to one sorry... There is some explanation here but that is essentially just the text of the email we sent out a couple of weeks ago so probably isn't anything you haven't read already.

I'm not sure if it's helpful, but you can see the pricing for all new Hub accounts here. As a "legacy" DevPay Hub account holder, you're eligible for a discount on those prices (50% TKLBAM).

So what should be happening is either:

  1. You have not yet migrated and are still on DevPay billing. All DevPay accounts as of 1st Oct are considered TKLBAM "Standard" plan so charges are: $10/mth (billed via DevPay) plus $0.15/GB/mth (also billed via AWS DevPay); or
  2. You have migrated to Stripe TKLBAM "Standard" plan: $5/mth (50% off - billed via Stripe) plus $0.03/GB/mth (billed via AWS direct); or
  3. You have downgrade to Stripe TKLBAM "Free" plan: $0/mth (nothing billed via Stripe) plus $0.03/GB/mth (billed via AWS direct).

If your DevPay account was cancelled prior to 1st October then 1. should not apply and you should be at 2. or 3. Not only should you not have been billed anything by DevPay, if the migration process is complete then there should not be any account for them to bill even if they tried to!

Have you checked to see if you have actually been charged the $10 or whether that was just AWS being overly excited? Please have a look at the DevPay billing page and tell me if there are any charges noted there. If so please contact me ASAP, ideally via the Hub's support portal (click the support link within the Hub or email to support AT turnkeylinux.org and we can look into this further.

From your post, my guess is that you're at 3 ("Free" TKLBAM plan). If so you should only be being charged AWS storage fees (direct from your normal AWS account) and should not be being charged anything by TurnKey (either Stripe or DevPay).

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