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Zeroed zip file.

My station is generating ZIP files with nothing inside. Without the possibility of abris. of the error when it opens.

How can I install GITLAB correctly generate the zip file?


Arquivo zip zerado.

Minha estação está gerando arquivos ZIP sem nada dentro. Sem a possibilidade de abris. da erro quando abre. 

como faço pra instalação do GITLAB gerar corretamente o arquivo zip? 

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Hi there Vander. I'm sorry to hear about your issue generating zip files on GitLab. Could you please give me some more info about your GItLab server please?

Which version of TurnKey GitLab is it? If you are unsure, please give me the output of the following command:


Also what version of GitLab is it running? And have you made any modifications and/or customisations and/or other upgrades, etc to the server since you launched it? If so, please share what.

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Vander Pereira's picture

Also, which version of GitLab is running?

picture above.

And have you made any modifications and / or customizations and / or other updates, etc., to the server since you launched it?

No changes

I just downloaded the ISO turnkey and installed it. Since then I have not had the download zip file working.

Além disso, qual versão do GitLab está sendo executada? 

imagem acima.

E você fez alguma modificação e / ou personalização e / ou outras atualizações, etc, para o servidor desde que você a lançou?

Sem mudanças.

Eu apenas baixei a ISO turnkey e instalei. desde então nao tive o arquivo zip de download funcinando. 

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The appliance that you have (v15.1) was the last release to use the "source install" method of installing GitLab. We've now moved to the "Omnibus install" which should be much easier for end users such as yourself to maintain (you can simply update GitLab via apt).

However, unfortunately, migrating data from your current GitLab to the new one, will take a bit of effort on your part. But after that, everything should "just work" and should be much easier for you to maintain. There is a bit of an overview in the docs. Unfortunately, v15.1 was using MySQL as the backend DB too, and as noted in the GitLab docs newer versions of GitLab only support PostgreSQL.

There is a thread in the forums where a user migrated really old GitLab (GitLab v5) instance all the way to the new Omnibus install. You won't have to go through quite that much ordeal as newer versions of GitLab (your v15.1 appliance should have GitLab v11.1.0) have compatible backups, although you'll still need to change the DB backend.

If you need more step-by-step instruction, I'm happy to assist, but here's a bit of an overview of how I'd do it:

First up, download the latest v15.5 (or later if applicable) TurnKey GitLab appliance and install to a VM (VirtualBox is free to download and will work fine if you don't have any other VM software running).

Create a manual GitLab backup of your code/projects/etc.

Then migrate the DB to PostgreSQL. This is the most involved part and is covered in much more detail in the PDF from about page 79. IIRC essentially it involves allowing remote connections from your old server MySQL DB and importing it into PostgreSQL on the new server.

Then on the new server, downgrade the version of GitLab installed to match the old server. This should do the trick:

gitlab-ctl cleanse
apt purge gitlab-ce
apt update
apt install gitlab-ce=11.1.0-ce.0
gitlab-ctl reconfigure

Load the migrated DB.

Then the backup can be restored to the new v15.5 appliance.

Finally (and optionally) you can now upgrade to the latest version of GitLab, like this:

apt update
apt install gitlab-ce

From here on in, that above command can be re-run to upgrade to newer versions of GitLab. TKLBAM can also be used to create backups.

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