I installed a new proxmox LXC container with TurnKey GitLab 16.0-1.

When asked for the root password, I set one and the installation went fine.

Now I can see the GitLab login screen and I think I should be able to log in with user "root" and the password I have set. But this leads to "Invalid Login or password.".

I am really sure I made no typo in the password, because the same password works fine for SSH or Webmin.

I already removed the machine completely and did the whole process again with the exact same result.

Has anyone any idea what went wrong here?

Even better: does anyone know how to fix this situation?


I still have no idea what went wrong, but I managed to reset the gitlab root password using the rails console as described here:


Now an can log into my new GitLab installation successfully.


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The password setting firstboot script uses the same (or at least very similar) method to set the password (as your solution). So I'm not really sure why it didn't just work?

Is it running with plenty of resources? GitLab is a beast and to run smoothly it takes a fair bit of resource allocation.

Even if it's running ok, perhaps it's especially slow to start? If that's the case, then perhaps the backend hadn't completely started by the time you were setting up the password? In that scenario, a race condition may have meant that the password you wanted may not have been set. In that case, the process would have errored, but you may have missed it?

Considering that we had huge issues with that in previous versions (and worked around it), and yours is the first complaint re v16.0 (which has been available for a while now) I suspect my guess isn't too far off.

Regardless, glad to hear that you are up and running now and we'll certainly keep an eye out for that when we do the rebuild for the next release.

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Apologies for slow response. Your GitLab looks really broken?! I couldn't reproduce your issue, but I must admit that my experience with the TurnKey GitLab LXC build (via Proxmox) didn't go particularly well for me either...

FIrstly, are you running this as unprivileged? If not, then either try it as unprivileged or enable "nesting" for the container (weird issues when running privileged without nesting enabled is a known issue for all v16.x TurnKey LXC builds).

Beyond that, have you tried updating the installed GitLab package? Another user has recently had issues with LDAP that was a bug in GitLab itself. Obviously, this issue isn't related to LDAP, but perhaps it's another bug that has been fixed in a newer GitLab version? Try updating GitLab like this:

apt update
apt install gitlab-ce

Also FWIW you don't need to use sudo when running as root (unless you want to run as a non-root user - e.g. 'sudo -u OTHER_USER COMMAND').

If you don't have any luck, please try downloading the ISO from the GitLab appliance page and installing that into a "proper" VM. I suspect that might give a better experience anyway (unless you run it as priveledged with nesting enabled - which has security implications)... As I'm sure you're already aware GitLab requires a ton of resources; at least 2x CPU & 4GB RAM with 4GB swap (recommended 4x CPU and 8GB RAM).

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