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Howdy everyone!

I am trying to setup a Domain Controller in an an Amazon cloud instance. Setup the instance from scratch. Everything appears setup, but when I login to webmin it appears the Samba and WINBIND servers are not started. When I try to start them I get this error:


Failed to start Samba servers : service smbd start ; service nmbd start failed

Thanks! Apologies if this is a simple fix, I am a newbie with TKL but have general linux experience.


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Hmm, I wonder if Webmin is aware of the Samba Domain Controller service? The smbd & nmbd services are used when running as a legacy NT style domain and/or ad hoc Windows file sharing. When running as a Domain Controller, the service is called 'samba-ad-dc'. Have you checked from the commandline?

To check if it's running, log in via SSH (or use Webshell) and run the following command (assuming running as root, if not prefix 'sudo'):

systemctl status samba-ad-dc

As noted on the Domain Controller doc page (linked to from the Domain Controller appliance page), install RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) on one of your domain members.

In other words, join a Windows machine to the domain. Install RSAT, then use RSAT to administer the Domain.

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