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Just wondering why the TKL container templates available on proxmox are still on v16, and if/when they will be updated to v17?

pveam update

(Just about to try Mail-in-a-box on v17 :-D )

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As mentioned in the second and third v17 news update

As noted in the previous announcement we're currently focusing on ISO and Hub builds. So far, there hasn't been any real progress with VM/OVA builds, but we have had community members , lead by Ian Hind, testing and working on our Proxmox/LXC builds. So hopefully we may be able to start publishing them sometime soon?!


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badco has pointed you in the right direction. But if you want to build one yourself, please have a look at this blog post. If you do have a go at that, please report back on how it goes.

PS thanks for helping out in my absence badco! :)

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