v17.0 Stable Release #2 - ten more ISOs & Hub builds - Proxmox/LXC in development

2022-05-17 Update: All affected appliances have now been bugfixed and rebuilt as v17.1. The v17.x release will continue, with all new appliances to be released as v17.1.
Important announcement: A serious bug has been discovered in v17.0. Everyone running v17.0 is advised to follow the directions as noted to fix the immediate bug. Due to this issue, the v17.0 release has been halted for now. v17.0 download links have been removed from appliance pages. Production will resume ASAP, first with the re-release of fixed v17.0 appliances; as v17.1. Then with the remainder of the library (all appliances will be v17.1 - including those not previously released as v17.0).

Following on the heels of our initial v17.0 stable release of Core & TKLDev, I'm excited to announce part 2 of our v17.0 release; a batch of 10 appliances . I've tried to prioritise the "base" appliances but it what made it in was a bit ad hoc. As per the previous announcement, this release is only ISOs and Hub builds.

As per usual, these updated appliances can all be found on our mirror network or they can be launched directly from the Hub (look for the 17.x text link - in the top right corner). They are also available for download direct from their relevant appliance pages (links provided below).

As noted in the previous announcement we're currently focusing on ISO and Hub builds. So far, there hasn't been any real progress with VM/OVA builds, but we have had community members , lead by Ian Hind, testing and working on our Proxmox/LXC builds. So hopefully we may be able to start publishing them sometime soon?!

As the first release only included Core and TKLDev, I'll just list all available v17.0 apps together this time. I.e. Core & TKLDev plus the 10 releases in this batch.

avideo appliance icon
core appliance icon
icescrum appliance icon
lamp appliance icon
lighttpd-php-fastcgi appliance icon
mahara appliance icon
mediawiki appliance icon
nginx-php-fastcgi appliance icon
nodejs appliance icon
opencart appliance icon
syncthing appliance icon
tkldev appliance icon

Please help out - all feedback welcome

As per always, please give them a try and let us know how they go.

Finally, as something of an aside, if you have a Raspberry PI 4 and haven't already, please be sure to checkout the community contributed, "preliminary" RPi4 builds.

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