TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library



Electronic portfolio and social networking

Mahara provides users with tools to create and maintain an electronic portfolio of their learning, and social networking features to allow users to interact and share with each other. Mahara helps you collect, reflect on and share your achievements and development online, in a space you control.

Stable version: 14.0 (changelog)

This appliance includes all the standard features in TurnKey Core, and on top of that:

  • Mahara configurations:
    • Installed from upstream source code to /var/www/mahara.
  • SSL support out of the box.
  • Adminer administration frontend for PostgreSQL (listening on port 12322 - uses SSL).
  • Postfix MTA (bound to localhost) to allow sending of email (e.g., password recovery).
  • Webmin modules for configuring Apache2, PHP, PostgreSQL and Postfix.

Credentials (passwords set at first boot):

  • Webmin, SSH: username root
  • PostgreSQL, phpPgAdmin: username postgres
  • Mahara: username admin