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I’m trying something a little stupid, but that’s how I learn. I have a lenovo thinkpad t-15g with an 8 core intel i9 and 64gb of DDR4 ram. I installed proxmox with vmware player 17, and then uploaded turnkey’s iso’s inside proxmox. The turnkey solutions have proven to be not only good products, but have taught me more hands-on lessons than anything else. I only wish proxmox, out of the box, could carry with it an internal browser so i don’t have to ssh into proxmox to install and configure the turnkey products. That said, it would be fantastic for turnkey to produce interactive educational modules/apps that demonstrate integration aspects of particular use cases (i.e., background interactions).  Just a thought.

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Proxmox does include a WebUI though, so why not use that? So long as you have "bridged" networking configured in VMware (for your Proxmox VM) then you should be able to use the PVE web UI in your web browser?!

Also, if you haven't already realized, TurnKey product LXC templates are available for download within the PVE web UI (browse to a storage node that is configured to provide LXC templates, then click the 'Templates" button and select the desired LXC template to download from the menu).

TBH, I'm not completely clear on what you mean re "interactive educational modules/apps that demonstrate integration aspects of particular use cases". Initially I misread it and thought you were suggesting that we make some videos (which could be cool too). Could you please elaborate a little more on exactly what you mean and perhaps give a concrete example of what you would find interesting or useful?

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I believe that many prospective Linux users are intimidated by Linux. With MacOS and Windows, it's all about the GUI. For the most part, the methods and background operations concerning how apps access and utilize the libraries/plugins etc., could use perhaps a tool-tip type of content that points those things out, step by step.  Much like stepping through a debugger, but geared more toward novice users planning more proficiency with Linux.

Videos are fantastic, but while using turnkey linux, a more hands-on learning experience might lead to more proficient users in Linux. I'm just one of those guys who follow written instructions (assembly) but always manage to have extra parts left over when there shouldn't be.  ;)


My comment was a situational perspective that may not be valid for Linux gurus or admins, so forgive me if it was a stupid comment.  😕

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It certainly wasn't a stupid comment! I just thought that you may have overlooked the Proxmox Web UI. Good luck with it all.

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