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I see references Turnkey Linux appliance on the documentation on this site however if I click the link it says that I do not have rights to that location.  Is threre still a drupal Turnkey Linux appliance and if so how do I gain access?

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Hi perryt,

Sorry for such an inconvenience. Because of a vulnerability in Drupal code, we had to disable download pages for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 appliances until we publish a patched version with updated Drupal version. We're going to make download pages available again early this week. Thank you for your understanding.

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Sorry for the further delays on this. Due to my desire to push forward with the v15.0 release, I've given getting the v15.0 RC (release candidate) priority over re-releasing the Drupal appliances. I figure really, a new v15.0 Drupal appliance would be far superior to an updated v14.x one!

Now that I have removed some road blocks to the v15.0RC of Core, I hope to refresh them next week sometime. In the meantime, you could download them direct from our mirror:

I would encourage you to use the Drupal7 appliance if possible and ensure that you follow the relevant instructions on our security announcement blog post!

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